Hawaiian Turtles-BeeJo's Golf Club Head Cover

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BEEJO’s Hawaiian Theme Durable Golf Club Head Covers
Proudly designed and hand sewn in the U.S, BeeJos Golf Headcovers are crafted to stretch and protect. They
can be worn on and off without much effort, and stay on when not in use.
Our golf head covers are premium and Hawaii-inspired. Imagine a classic Hawaiian shirt being morphed into a
golf club cover. The design prints and patterns are durable, non-fading, and made to last long even after years
of use.
Made of a proprietary aerospace-grade foam, our gold head cover is laminated into the 0.3-inch thick,
composite polyester-knit fabric for extra protection.
The composite is die cut, printed, and sewn using 7 sewing operations and 4 types of sewing machines to
ensure that the golf club head covers are strong and fully functional. The Hawaiian prints are bright, vivid, and
super soft.
The long neck design offers excellent elasticity, ensuring that the golf wood head covers are flexible and
stretchable. The thick, padded interior provides extra protection from nicks, and from the iron clanging
together.. Available in 3 different sizes, these head covers are great for Driver (for up to 460cc clubs), Fairway,
and Hybrid.

✔ Brand: BeeJo’s
✔ Color: Multicolor
✔ Material: Composite fabric
✔ Size: Drive, Fairway, Hybrid
✔ Print: Hawaiian theme
✔ 100% Machine washable
✔ Lightweight, durable, and colorful design
✔ Made of soft and thick composite fabric
✔ Provides full protection to the clubheads
✔ Long neck design prevents abrasions, scratches, and damage
✔ The flexible and stretchy design makes it easy to wear on and take off