Navy Blue & Red Argyle

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**Using a 7-step process, four different sewing machines to ensure the head-covers are strong, long lasting and perfect fit for clubs up to 460cc. We use a premium composite polyester-knit fabric and the interior is a 0.4” thick proprietary aerospace-grade foam. Our designs are printed and laminated onto the fabric. Then dyed, cut and hand sewn into a long-neck design that provides flexibility ensuring that the club heads are extra protected from nicks, irons clanging together and also breathable, dust-proof and waterproof to protect from the elements. It's like a glove for your irons as they slip on and off without much effort. No extra straps to secure them 

**Minimal Care Instructions: 100% Machine Washable (Hot or Cold) as well as Dryer Safe (Tumble Dry Low) 

**Proudly designed and hand-sewn in Ohio, USA 

**Available in 3 sizes: Drivers, Fairway and Hybrid and matching Microfiber Golf Towel, all sold separately or in our Gifts Sets which includes 1 Driver, 1 Fairway, 1 Hybrid and 1 matching Golf Towel. 

**Also available with numbers: 3,4,5,7,9,star or 3h,4h,5h, 6h, 7h, Heart and X

** Available in 20 Unique collections with 5 different patterns with different color variations:

-Argyle: Black & White, Black & Pink, Blue & Red, Dark Green & Yellow, Hot Pink & Black, Light Green & Yellow and Purple. 

-Polka Dots: Baby Pink & Black, Baby Pink & White, Baby Pink & Black, Black & Red, Black & White, Hot Pink & White, Purple. 

-Animal Prints: Leopard and Zebra 

-Paisley: Purple, Pink and Green


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